My GAPS Diary 14 Dec – 20 Dec 2020

My GAPS Diary 14 Dec - 20 Dec 2020

The Full GAPS Diet

14th December

After 10 weeks on the introduction diet, we’ve decided to move onto the full diet.

I’ve had a run of bad nights over the past week. The physical tiredness is making me more bloated and more constipated – again! So it’s difficult to know if I’m actually making any progress. I put a post on the Facebook GAPS group for some advice regarding my constipation and received some very helpful and encouraging comments. I am now coming to the conclusion that I really need to overcome my reluctance about using enemas if I am to make any real progress on the diet. I really thought the castor oil capsules were helping, so I’m a bit disappointed.

I made some fat bombs over the weekend using coconut oil, nut butter and apple and pear spread (as I don’t want to risk myself with honey just yet). They were a lovely treat, but I was disappointed that they made my head and teeth hurt a bit. At least the pain didn’t last too long. I think I’d better wait a little before trying them again.

15th December

A mixed day. I slept really well last night and caught up on some of the sleep I’ve lost.

I went out for a walk with our lovely lab Bella in the afternoon and managed to walk up a hill which I usually struggle with. I found it much easier to do compared to the last time I walked it. Usually I have to stop at least once to get my breath and muster up more strength. This time I got back up much quicker and without stopping. So that was encouraging.

When we got home there was stock needing to be sorted (I’d just turned it off and left it so we could get out), bones to strip, dinner to prepare and juicing to to. Aaaahhhh!

We split the jobs, so my husband sorted out the stock and bones, and I saw to the dinner and juicing. Except things didn’t go too smoothly. I took my eye off the stew, so it boiled over. The juicer stopped working and seized up. Then, for my finale, the juice I had actually managed to make spilled over the floor.

This diet is hard enough without creating more work for myself!

17th December

My husband says he has a headache today and I’ve just bloated up after taking the half a capsule of probiotic, which is strange because we were OK on it last week. Feels like two steps forward and one back again!

I have now received the new GAPS book (Gut and Physiology Syndrome). It’s much bigger than the first yellow one! I shall just work my way through a little at a time.

Dr Natasha stated in it that those with chronic fatigue syndrome, ME and fibromyalgia, once they have cured themselves, need to stay on the diet for the rest of their lives! I have to admit, reading that took me aback somewhat, but at least it answers the question I’ve had on that for a while. For sometime I have wondered if this would be the case for me, considering my age and the fact that I have had leaky gut all my life (see My History). She also advises that castor oil should only be taken internally occasionally to help with constipation.

18th December

I am now completely clear on what I have to purchase to start my enemas, thanks to someone on Facebook very kindly sending me the following link. Now I just have to find the time and energy to order it all on Amazon!

I didn’t manage to order the items today. After cleaning two bathrooms, making coconut butter and six jars of sauerkraut (yes six – with the help of my husband. I could never produce that much on my own!) I felt completely pooped! I had to crash out for a bit to work up enough energy to get dinner.

20th December

I had a nice surprise today.  I put on one of my smaller skirts and it now fits!  The last time I tried it on (before starting the diet) I couldn’t get it up past my hips!  Today, not only could I get it on and do it up, it also felt more comfortable, despite the fact that my stomach was slightly bloated.

These are the sort of positive things we have to hold onto when persevering with a diet – it really helps.

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