My GAPS Diary 16 Nov – 22 Nov 2020

The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage Four

16th November

This morning I had my half a glass of vegetable juice diluted with water and the usual one half teaspoon of chlorella powder mixed in. Almost immediately after drinking it I had stomach pains and some bloating. This is either due to the chlorella or the fact that I have introduced celery into the juice, or both! I have decided to leave out the chlorella for the time being and just see how I get on with the juice. I may be introducing too many things at once.

18th November

Had another bad night last night, didn’t get off until around 3.30 am. I had to get up about 2 am, which I hate doing at the moment because that’s the time when I feel I’m at my most vulnerable with the diet. When I don’t sleep I just want to comfort eat. Somehow at 2 am a peppermint tea just didn’t cut it! So I got up and had nothing – just watched telly. But at least I didn’t cave in.

The day was difficult because I was SO tired. My body was just craving carbs due to the physical tiredness.

19th November

Got the shopping done today and, although we’re not getting much in the supermarket at the moment, it’s still costing us a small fortune. Then we realised it’s because of all the eggs – we must be getting through about 4 – 5 dozen a week whilst on the diet – plus 2 organic chickens! I keep telling myself it won’t last forever and we’ll soon be on the full diet. Then things will even out more.

21st November

REALLY struggling today. I’ve had two bad nights in a row and am feeling very tired and groggy today. It’s making me really crave something sweet. I don’t think I can hold out much longer! As a result of the tiredness my stomach is a bit bloated and my digestion is a bit sluggish.

On this stage we can start having roasted meats. We had roast chicken last week and we were OK with it. Today we had pork chops for dinner with steamed veg. We also had some fermented veg and a mug of stock with it to aid digestion. I was quite pleased that my digestion did quite well with it, especially considering that it’s been sluggish today. I just had a little bloating after eating it but we’re just going to have roast meat once a week at the moment so that we don’t overdo it.

22nd November

I caved in today and had some coconut cake and coconut butter (which we make ourselves and is all gaps legal for the full diet).  I just had to have something sweet after eight long weeks, and it was lovely!  I devised the recipe myself, out of sheer desperation, when I was on the diet previously.  I also wanted to see if it would help in the bowel department (yes THAT subject again.  Still no improvements).

What is encouraging is that my digestion didn’t do too badly after the cake, just a little bloating.  But SO worth it for a sweet hit!

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