My GAPS Diary 2 Nov – 8 Nov 2020

The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage Three

2nd November

I had a REALLY bad night last night. I didn’t think I was going to get any sleep at all, but finally got off about 4am! Needless to say that I slept in late this morning, which really throws me out with everything, for example getting soup made by lunchtime (because it’s all gone!). I’ve also started juicing again with carrots and beetroot in the hope that it will help with the constipation. I’m only having about a quarter of a glass and slowly building it up. We’ve also started on a little avocado each day.

4th November

We had to do some serious housework today, so spent several hours working really hard. It’s on days like this I find the diet particularly difficult because I feel it takes most of my energy just keeping up with all the cooking and planning for the diet, with very little strength left for anything else! Therefore, by the time we finished the housework I felt exhausted – and still had soup to sort out! By the end of the day all I wanted to do was get in fish and chips.

5th November

I’ve started putting chlorella powder in our juice in the morning in the hope that it may help things along with the constipation. It’s a type of algae which, apparently, helps with detoxifying the body and keeping regular. I’ve just started on one half teaspoon a day at the moment, so will wait and see if I can digest it OK. Then I’ll try increasing it.

6th November

The first thing I had to do this morning was make a large batch of pancakes. Then after breakfast my husband and I got stuck into some serious fermenting. We made 5 large jars of sauerkraut and 2 large jars of fermented vegetables. It took us just over three hours. If I’d been doing all of that on my own I probably would have taken all day! After that it was off to the butchers to collect my order of meat and bones. By the time we got back and had lunch I was well and truly worn out. So after about 3pm I managed to have a well earned rest.

7th November

Not a good day today. I’m feeling really tired and have a slight headache and my stomach is bloated. As a result, I’m feeling very low mentally. I really feel that I don’t want to bother with the diet today, but somehow have to push myself to make stock and yogurt. I really need to make more beetroot kvass but don’t think I’ve got the energy for all of it.

We’re both feeling that most of our time and energy is being spent on keeping the diet going and that other necessary jobs are getting neglected as a result – such as washing clothes and cleaning the car!  This is when this diet is particularly difficult – trying to stay on top of all the planning and cooking involved and whilst struggling to cope with ongoing health problems.  Today I’m feeling a little resentful of the fact that I have to go through this and not be fit and healthy like other people.

8th November

I awoke about 8 this morning and thought about getting up, but then the next thing I knew it was almost 10! I feel SO tired just trying to keep up with everything on this diet! I hope its all worth it.

On a more positive note, the constant pain I was getting in my left thigh before starting the diet (which was worsening) has now gone! My husband has also noticed that the pain and tenderness he was getting in one of his finger joints has almost completely gone. So we’ll continue to push on.

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Photo 1 by Hello I’m Nik , photo 2 by Andre Hunter on Unsplash