My GAPS Diary 23 Nov – 29th Nov 2020

The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage Five

23rd November

We have started on stage five and introduced cooked apple. I had some and was OK, but I’m not having it every day as suggested in the GAPS book because I know I am still highly sensitive to too much fruit. So I’m proceeding very slowly with it.

We are also trying to increase the probiotic supplements we are taking. Just by half a capsule a week at the moment because we both get die-off symptoms.

I joined the GAPS group on Facebook and have found it so helpful and supportive. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Quite a few commented on there that they’ve had improvements with constipation by taking castor oil. So I’m going to get some capsules today in the hope that they will help with it. At the moment I’m lucky if I go once a week!

24th November

I put a post on the GAPS group on Facebook asking if anyone could explain why I reacted to the cashew flour in the ‘bread’, when I am fine on cashews and cashew milk. The comments were very supportive and informative. The main thrust being that my gut needs more healing and perhaps I should spend a bit longer on stage 3. I’m struggling with this a bit mentally, so I really don’t know if I’ve got the mental strength to do much longer on the introduction diet.

I’ve decided to compromise a little and continue with the roasted meat (which is stage 4 and I’m only having once a week) and keep all the soups and stews going. I’ll take it week by week. If after one or two weeks I don’t feel I can cope mentally, then I’ll move on through the last stages and re-introduce the ‘bread’ at a later time.

I have noticed a dull ache in my left arm all day. It wasn’t until the evening that it occurred to me that it’s probably a die-off reaction to increasing the probiotics.

25th November

It was suggested on Facebook to soak the nuts first before making the flour. This is fine for making cashew milk or cream, but for flour, of course, they have to be dried out. I looked this up in Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions which states that this can be done in the oven – for 12-24 hours! Our electricity bill is already sky high (and food on the diet is costing us a small fortune), so it’s out of the question. I’ve decided to just do without.

27th November

I experienced some die-off symptoms today after taking my probiotic. A dull ache in my head and left shoulder and a slight sore throat. I’m only increasing by half a capsule a week, and the symptoms weren’t too bad, so I’ve decided to push on with it.

29th November

I’m still getting a dull ache in my temples and bloating today. I think it’s probably die-off again, so I shall try increasing my Juice Plus supplements, which usually helps support my immune system. I was first put on them by the GAPS practitioner I went to see in 2015. I have to admit that I’ve found them to be very helpful over the years with supporting my immune system and helping with chronic fatigue (for more information go to

We have also started on the castor oil today to see if that helps with the constipation problem.

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash