My GAPS Diary 28 Sept – 4th Oct 2020


The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage One

28th September

After many months of delaying, deliberating, researching, planning, stocking up and psyching myself up, I have finally started on the GAPS introduction diet today. I’ve had two bowls of oxtail soup (see Rich and Delicious Gut Healing Oxtail Soup Recipe), one bowl of chicken stew and four mugs of stock to drink! This time around I’m finding it easier practically because I’m more familiar with the diet and it’s taking me less time to prepare things. But I’m struggling with it a bit more mentally this time.

29th September

Well I’ve reached the end of day two. I’ve felt hungrier today and found it a little more difficult, but keep reminding myself that there are people in other countries who are hungry every day because of not having the food supply we have in this country.

1st October

Went out for a drive this morning and walked Bella (our gorgeous labrador) somewhere differnt for a change. Trouble was all I could see were signs for tea rooms, cafes and fish and chips! This is SO HARD!! It’s only day four and I feel miserable.

This evening I received some timely support from my sister-in-law, encouraging me to keep going with the diet and reminding me of how good I eventually felt on it last time I did it. It really helped – it’s SO IMPORTANT to have support when undertaking something as difficult as this.

3rd October

Oh my goodness, what a day!  The worst day so far!  I woke up with a dull ache in my temples, which gradually worsened through the day, and feeling really tired.  I’ve also been getting aches and pains in my muscles, joints and glands on and off, which is hard to cope with.  I remember the first time we did the intro diet (my husband is doing it with me) we both felt worse before we started to feel better.  Of course, feeling worse makes the whole thing much harder to do, on top of getting used to eating just soup everyday, eating less and making stock all the time.  Really difficult.  Needless to say, we’ve both been bouncing off the walls.  I’m beginning to question why I started this and if I can actually do it.

4th October

Well, we got through yesterday, and we DIDN’T DITCH THE DIET! My head feels better today. I still have a dull ache in my head but not as bad as yesterday and I don’t feel as tired. As a result, I’m not irritable and crabby today – much to the relief of my long-suffering husband! (It’s a good thing we’ve been married a long time and know each other really well). We’ve now started on the cod liver oil, which is recommended on the diet. Hopefully this should help us feel a bit better. I’ve also had an Epsom salts bath today to help with the detox process. I need to try and have at least three a week (see and Toxins in the FAQs).

Just when I started thinking this afternoon that my bloating was improving, this evening it was bad again. Also along with the bloating I felt very tired and a bit nauseous. Not sure if this is die-off or detoxing – or both! What I do know is that it’s making me feel very down and fed up. I find the evenings are the hardest. I want to just sit in front of the telly and stuff crisps or peanuts.

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