My GAPS Diary 5 Oct – 11 Oct 2020

The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage One

5th October

We have completed one whole week! I’m feeling better this morning, my head feels the best it’s been since starting the diet, which is encouraging. Although after I took my pro-biotic this morning I had the dull ache back in my temples again which makes me think it must be a die-off reaction (see under FAQs)

Dr Campbell-McBride says to consume all the fat on the introduction diet, which we have managed to do with all the stocks except the beef. The beef stock has much more fat than the others (see Delicious and Healthy Gut Healing Beef Stock ) and we’re finding it difficult to get down! So I’ve decided to add only half the fat to my oxtail soup to see if that’s better (see Rich and Delicious Gut Healing Oxtail Soup Recipe). I remember we had to do this when we embarked on the diet the first time around and we still improved. I’m also trying to make more chicken stock because it’s gentler on the stomach.

7th October

I’m feeling better physically than I did last week and feel that I am coping mentally with the diet (although I had a strong craving for cereal which I had to work hard to ignore!) Maybe I’m also beginning to get used to eating differently. I also feel a small improvement to my digestion and my husband has noticed that he’s waking up in the mornings with no pain in his finger joints (something he was experiencing every morning before starting the diet). These improvements, however small, are very encouraging and make us feel that all of our sacrificing and hard work on this diet will be worth it.

Well, I did feel better about it all earlier today, but this evening was a different story. It was very difficult. Early on in the evening I suddenly felt very low on energy and extremely fatigued. Anyone who suffers with chronic fatigue and related illnesses will know that this is not a normal tiredness, but an overwhelming fatigue which pulls you down physically and mentally. Sometimes it feels like living in treacle! This low energy always affects my body temperature and, as a result, I feel I can’t get warm. All of this results in very strong cravings for carbs or sugar, as the body looks for a ‘quick fix’ for energy. The effect this has mentally can then also lead to comfort eating. So, in trying to resist all of this, this evening was HARD!!!

8th October

Well, I pushed through last night and didn’t give in. Gave myself a pat on the back! I can understand why Dr CM states that this diet is very hard to do for people who suffer with physical issues such as M.E. and Chronic Fatigue, because of the things I experienced last night. But today I feel that I’m coping better again. We’re also coping better with the beef stock now that we’ve reduced the fat in it.

10th October

Had a really bad night, I didn’t get to sleep until around 3.30 am! So I finally crawled out of bed really late, about 11.30-ish, feeling tired and groggy. On a day like this after a bad night I would normally just stuff lots of yummy, comforting carbs to feel better, but I can’t. Instead it’s another day of soup and stew – and I still have to make more of it, and get more stock on! But with my husband’s help we get it all done and resist the carbs.

I keep getting thoughts of why do I have do do this (for the second time!) while most other people can eat what they want and still have good health and energy? But I must put these thoughts out of my head, otherwise I won’t last the course.

11th October

We have now completed two weeks on stage one. My head has felt much better and also I’ve not noticed any aches and pains. Therefore, we’ve decided to start stage two tomorrow.

I found this afternoon difficult. I love tennis and settled down to watch the men’s final of the French Open. Is it just me who feels that all great sporting events are more enjoyable with some snacks in front of you? But, of course, I couldn’t have any. Still, I enjoyed the tennis anyway and keep reminding myself that this diet is NOT permanent, it’s NOT forever and that I WILL benefit in the long run.

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Picture 1 by Holger Langmaier from Pixabay; picture 2 by Thought Catalog on Unsplash