My GAPS Diary 9 Nov – 15 Nov 2020

The GAPS Introduction Diet: Stage Four

9th November

We’re starting on stage four this week. I need to try and make the type of ‘bread’ which is introduced on this stage. I need to search the internet for cashew flour to make it. I could try making my own but don’t feel I’ve got the time or energy at the moment. Maybe I’ll try once my energy starts to increase (hopefully in the not too distant future). It’s a shame I can’t just pick up some ground almonds from the supermarket to make it, but I’ve had problems tolerating almonds in the past so don’t want to risk making myself unwell. Perhaps I will try myself on them when I’ve been on the diet for longer.

10th November

I had another bad night – didn’t get off to sleep until about 1am (which I suppose isn’t too bad as I’ve had much worse nights). By the time I got to bed last night I felt very depressed, partly with the diet and partly other things. I’m really struggling mentally at the moment and as a result am finding the diet even harder to stick to. But I still pushed on and made chicken stock, a large batch of soup and roasted some squash for making pancakes. That took up most of my morning, which isn’t helping mentally as I feel that most of my time and energy is spent in the kitchen with not a lot to show for it!

11th November

We only have pancakes and the bread to make today, so it feels a bit like a holiday! Having looked online to see if I could buy cashew flour, we decided it was too expensive, so I had a go at making some in our power blender. Actually I was very pleased with the results, especially as all our cashews are being stored in the freezer. It didn’t make really fine flour but the recipe in the GAPS book says ground nuts are OK, so it should suffice.

I was very pleasantly surprised with my ‘bread’, especially as I thought I’d messed it up with my flour (I put too many nuts in the blender which turned into huge lumps – another lesson learned). It’s more of a cake-like consistency, but it tastes really delicious so, hey, we’ll take it!

12th November

This is only the second day I’ve had the ‘bread’ and I’ve reacted to it.  I had pains in my head, ears, right shoulder, left leg and a little in my glands, and my stomach bloated up!  I feel very disappointed and frustrated to say the least.  But I still seem to be OK on the pancakes, so I’ll have to continue with those until I’m on the full GAPS diet and can get back onto coconut flour, which I was having before.  Maybe I can try the ‘bread’ again when my gut has had a bit more time to heal.  I’m trying very hard to stay positive.

14th November

I’m feeling much better physically since stopping the ‘bread’, and seem to have recovered from it quicker than in previous times when eating something which my body wasn’t happy with. It’s a small thing, I know, but I have to take any little positive thing I can!

I’ve noticed that my digestion hasn’t been quite so good this week. Then I remembered that the sauerkraut and fermented vegetables ran out at the beginning of the week, which shows how much they are helping. Our latest batch is ready now, so that should help again.

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Photo 1 by Emma Matthews Digital Conte, photo 2 by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash